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Unprecedented Velocity 

Impeccable Reliability

Our multi-disciplinary team incorporates high profile specialists that range from former senior intelligence operatives to forensic linguists. We are a multi-disciplinary purpose-driven organisation that reverse engineers the optimal outcome and assembles the correct personnel to complete the task at hand. We are not restricted by the traditional actors in crisis management firms; we prioritise diversity of thought and expertise to generate solutions which focus on the path of least resistance.



Chief Executive Officer

Neel Chakrabarti is an experienced lawyer with a demonstrated history of working on high profile cases. A former intelligence analyst for the metropolitan police with expertise in financial crime, behavioural analysis and counter terrorism. As an intelligence analyst he was a pioneer in open source research on gangs and organised criminal networks and was the key analyst for a number of successful undercover operations. He then became a criminal lawyer with a focus on murder, drugs and financial crime. He is also well versed in corporate, family and intellectual property law and has been an outside consultant to individuals and companies in complex cases.

He currently specialises in crisis management for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and threat assessment for celebrities and political figures. He is a subject matter expert for all cases involving asset recovery, counter terrorism, cyber security, due diligence, counter kidnapping operations, extortion and bribery cases.

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'Intelligence led multidisciplinary approach'

 Neel draws on his knowledge in international law, psychology, behavioural economics and military strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for clients.

'Expert in programme development and instruction'

For the past 20 years Max has been at the forefront of the elite security industry in London, providing diplomatic close protection and specialising in managing security operations for visiting regents, royal families and high ranking government dignitaries. 

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Chief Operating Officer

Max has over 20 years’ experience in the Security Industry and related fields. His career began as a Royal Marines Commando, operating as an Elite Combat Operative.

After leaving the Royal Marines, Max established and acted as Executive Director to a maritime security company involved in both provision and training of maritime security operatives. His company attracted some of the most established and effective minds in programme development and instruction.  

Max has vast private security experience working in hostile environments, predominantly in close protection bodyguard services, maritime security, and remote and hostile trauma management. During his career he operated in the Middle East, India, Africa, South East Asia and South America.

'Effectiveness in an increasingly dangerous environment, keeping our clients safe and feeling secure.'

Nick recognises the need for reality based martial arts training for UK based Close Protection Officers within the security industry. The UK remains one of the few countries where close protection officers, bodyguards and security operatives are not permitted to carry weapons/firearms despite the rising crime levels and threats from terrorist groups.

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Nick has developed a series of specialised reality based scenario courses aimed for the necessary skill sets to handle any situation that may arise for the protection of their clients. Executive Security Consultancy Operatives have all taken part in the accredited courses designed by Nick to aid their effectiveness in an increasingly dangerous environment, keeping our clients safe and feeling secure.

He holds belts in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and trains in Kick-Boxing and Muay Thai. Nick is an instructor in Krav Maga, Street Defence and is also the Head Striking Coach at the prestigious Roger Gracie Academy HQ in London. Nick also runs a successful Youtube defence channel ‘Nick Woods Martial Arts’ highlighting the need for street defence tactics.



Chris is a former Foreign Office Spokesman who has served with Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service for over 40 years.


He was Director of Trade and Investment in the Philippines, and recently served as UK Consul-General and Director of Trade and Investment Promotion at the British Consulate-General in Sydney.


During his career he has occupied several international postings with distinction including; Germany, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Sweden and Portugal.

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Bob has over thirty five years service with HM Diplomatic Service predominantly in the Middle East, and a wealth of commercial experience and leading business development roles across Asia. Bob was recruited by Control Risks in August 2006 in Shanghai to initiate the role of Business Development Director for the expansion of their operations in China.



Patrick has over five years experience of policy and quality management in the private security sector. 

His expertise is centred on developing and implementing processes based on the regulatory requirements  and best practice for security companies operating in various environments and national territories. 

He previously worked in Public Affairs in London, so has a working knowledge of what London business clients require and expect. 

Patrick holds an MA in International Relations and an MSc in Finance from the National University of Ireland.

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Unprecedented Velocity.
Impeccable Reliability.

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